262MC The Brief

262MC Assessment – The module assignment


Module Leader Karen Arrand

T 024 7688 7486

E karen.arrand@coventry.ac.uk

Introduction Thursday 113th October 2011

Artefact Screenings Thursday 15th December

Mandatory attendance for all

Assessment hand-in THURSDAY 1st December 2011 Please hand-in blog address form to reception 8.30am-4pm

THE BRIEF :    “The Format” 


  1.  Groupwork – Devise and produce 2 transmittable studio programmes that represent  the idea of “a format”.  Using the production-making skills you acquired at Level 1 and your knowledge of studio formats create an entertaining and interesting tv and radio format that incorporates the latest in broadcast thinking and demonstrates originality and innovation.


  1. Individual work – Produce a reflective blog reflecting your personal progress through this module and your critical and reasoned arguments about Broadcasting and format production today..


The Brief detail


  1. The Artifacts

You are required to submit 2 artifacts over the course of this module.


In your TV Team you will produce 1x 7-10minute TV ENTERTAINMENT format suitable for broadcast


And in your Radio Team you will produce 1×5-7min Radio format  – UNDISCOVERED COVENTRY suitable for broadcast.


Your artifacts must explore the concept of a format.   Both radio and tv must be a properly produced  and include  a title and credit sequence.  Each team must also submit a 30 second trailer (advert) for their programme.


All work must show your professionalism, creativity and attention to detail.  Sound and picture quality must be to broadcast standard.  All content must be appropriate for a general audience suitable for all ages.  (Excessive swearing, references to drugs, sex or violence will lose you marks).   You can incorporate pre-recorded items into your final programme and you can edit your programme after your recording session.


Webcasting – demonstrate your knowledge  and understanding of webcasting. Upload your artefacts to a online broadcast provider (Vimeo- class site). You must upload your finished artefact online to the screenings on 15th December 2011.



  1. 2.    The Reflective blog – below are guidelines to help you with your blog.  You do not need to design your blog into these sections but it should be clear when your tutor reads your work where all the evidence for them are.


Process and Development.  Including all your production workings (ie sketches, drafts, schedules, scripts, storyboards, treatments) and evidence of how your ideas and knowledge have developed through the module .  You can link to external sources but you must explain why you have done so.


Research.   Including all sources of inspiration and stimulation that have helped you. You can link to external sources but you must explain why you have done so.  Plus all Sources – References must be in HARVARD STYLE.



Analysis.  Including  your individual thoughts and analysis.  Remember to include your research and analysis of modern broadcasting  and give full written and referenced consideration to formats production.


Evaluation and Reflection.   Include Problems and Solutions using difficulties encountered and how you overcame them as well as your Unique contribution.  Including details of your input to the group, ability to work within a team and quality of editorial judgement. Also include an evaluation of the production and your role within it.


Blog summary-  At the end of the module provide full critical reviews summarizing and evaluating your work and progress through the module.
























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