Lecture 7 – Working in TV and Radio

GOT THE BUG?  Want to work in TV or Radio……. Be prepared to be interviewed, and interviewed and interviewed (every few months for your whole career)

Start here. Skillset offers lots of useful information on getting into TV and freelancing.


Make sure you look at this website frequently for one-off one day opportunities.  A great way to make some contacts.


Apply for a BBC placement – for experience of completing the application form if nothing else!


Don’t forget the Indies – There are some big UK Independent TV companies who are constantly looking for people. Worth applying through the links and chasing up with a phone call.


 Endemol Talent  http://www.endemoluk.com/careers

Birmingham based Indie, Maverick TV (Embarrassing Bodies).


Check out the listings of your favourite shows on the Radio Times website.  Here you will find the names of Producers/ Directors and Production Managers. Contact these people directly for a quicker response to work placement questions.  Start building your contact list before you leave Uni – this will really help you when you leave (I promise!)


Radio- Hospital Radio/ Uni Radio – get experience now.  MOST radio people start in community based radio stations. They are a great place to learn the trade and get relevant experience on your CVs.

Work experience is a lot easier to get than a job.   Go grab your chance!


1. Research – know the programme or company, it’s target audience and it’s history

2.  Ideas – have an idea for the programme. Big or small it doesn’t matter but you will be asked for ideas.

3.  They want to know you as a professsional – you will be asked about your communication skills, organisation skills, time-management, resilience, and team working. You need to have an example/story of these areas up your sleeve that you can talk about when asked. The idea here is they use your past experience as indicative of your future performance.

4.  Smile!  Telly is a people business.  However tough the interview, keep smiling and demonstrate your people skills.


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