Your blogs – some help


Remember your blogs are an important part of your individual Coursework submission and should evidence your critical thinking about radio and TV formats.
Here are some guidelines to help you;
1. Don’t write a diary.  Your blog should be reflective and evaluative not a simple record of what you did each session. So each post should consider your own development and your team development identifying areas that are going well and those that need further work.
2. Do research.  Your blog should evidence your further reading and research into TV and radio formats.  For example regularly read Media Guardian, Broadcast, DigitalSpy,  BARB and RAJAR websites to improve your understanding of current broadcasting. Remember Harvard style referencing for any quotes or sources you use.
3. Do offer your critical opinion.  Why are TV and radio formats so dominant in our schedules?  What do you think audiences like about formats? What do you think the future is for formats and how will can they develop to ensure they remain successful?  Your opinion must evidence the relevants stats, facts and quotes to support your claims.
4.  Context  and Distribution – Show your understanding of your media practice.  Take your TV and radio formats and analyse their place in the current broadcasting world. What is the hook that will keep audiences coming back to them? What “stable” or  category of existing similar and successful formats does your format fit and why? Consider the scope of your formats – where (terristial, digital, web channels) could they realistically play? What adaptations/suggestions do you have for their longetivity? And what is the future local radio?
5.  DON”T FORGET TO Write a conclusion!- You haven’t finished your blog until you’ve offered a thought-through conclusion that sums up your research, analysis and reflections.
Recommended Reading;
RAJAR – radio audience research. Good for stat, facts and trends
BARB – tv audience research. Good for stats, facts and trends
Broadcast –  Industry revered paper with all the latest news and opinions.  Web format is subscription only but a Paper copy  (and backcopies) is available to read in the  CU library.
Digital Spy – more gossipy opinion on current broadcasting
Media Guardian – broadsheet views on UK Media

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