The radio brief – “Undiscovered Coventry”

        On Thursday 13th October BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Editor, Duncan Jones came to visit to talk about  the radio brief “Undiscovered Coventry”.

He told us about the BBC local radio remit;  Local radio is for people interested in the local  area – local news, sports, events and issues. BBC Coventry and Warwickshire’s output is 60%    speech, 40% music.  It has a set  music playlist that is different to Radio One, Touch FM and    Mercia FM and is aimed at an audience aged 40+.

Next year is a big year for Coventry.  As an Olympic city it will get a lot of  international attention!  Also the World Shakespeare Festival  in April – putting entertainment at the front of the station’s agenda.

Radio’s strength is it’s immediacy, reactivity and easy production.  Telly is much more complicated and takes ages to make!

Duncan’s top tips for making your artefact;

1. Find something to say that people will be surprised about.

2. Be clear on the point of your story.  What do you want the listener to get out of it. What is your aim?

3. Make it interesting – keeping a balance between the story and your creative ideas.

4. Paint pictures with words.  There is no limit to the pictures you can create on radio.

5. The intro should tease the listener.  The outro should point to further information (eg website, blog etc)

Duncan will be back to feedback on your work in December.


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